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  • 50-hr YTT - Explore the Courage to Teach.
    50-hr YTT - Explore the Courage to Teach.
    Time is TBD
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    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Explore the Courage to Teach, SHAKE UP YOUR TEACHING with PRACTICE AND PURPOSE. This course gives teachers an understanding of elements to be successful teacher and gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses to become teachers with the confidence to teach yoga with purpose.

About the Course

So you’ve completed your 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, you may or may not be teaching. Making the shift from student to teacher requires us to look closely at the why and how we approach our practice. Just like our yoga practice, the practice of teaching is one of continual learning, self-development and growth.


Are you ready to shift old beliefs and shake up ingrained habits? 


Wherever you are on your teaching journey, there is always a time to inquire where it is that we can establish a stronger confidence, purpose and authenticity to bring more to our classes and workshops.


We all know the benefits of yoga extend well beyond the physical practice itself. Nothing can describe the feeling of contentment and fulfillment one feels upon teaching your own authentic practice. The vibrancy and energy in which your own personal style can bring to each sequence can resonate throughout the studio and inspire yogis to let go of any preconceived notions of what they can and can’t do, be present, and in-turn realize their potential. Connect deeper with yourself, the practice, and your students. 

• Understand the elements to be a successful teacher.

• For teachers who wish to build on their unique strengths and styles of teaching,

• Enhancing confidence in speaking and voice development,

• Furthering your knowledge of alignment and adjustment with simple cueing techniques,

• Discover your flow of sequences and diverse poses that encourage mindful movement and the breath. 

• Learn to bend time with the amount you can manage to fit into a class.

• Learn the art of holding space to weave yoga philosophy and theming into your classes 

• Gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can become the most empowered version of yourself.


This course is run in a small group setting to ensure you have as much time with the teacher as you need to identify and build on your own areas of personal development. The course is largely focused on the practical aspects of teaching and allows you the space to explore and experiment in a safe and supportive environment.


Run over 2 consecutive weekends – Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday – this course is thoroughly detailed, yet light hearted and peppered with humour and unconventionality with Donald Shakes. Approved by Yoga Alliance as a YACEP course, current teachers will be credited with 50 hours of Continuing Education points.


Ignite your spark and discover your authentic voice.



QLD & NSW Locations to be decided




Summer / Autumn 2020


Training Times: 

Fri: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Sat: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sun: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm


atha yoga anushasanam

“Now, the practice of yoga begins” – First Sutra of Patanjali


Mission Statement


Atha means now, and that is fundamentally one of the deepest insights of spiritual practice: To bring us very deeply into the present moment. Atha is this kind of call of action for us to wake up now. It can be a mantra for daily living that moves off the mat and into our lives, bringing us back to what’s happening now.


Our highest intention is to offer a yoga teacher training program that allows our students to reach their fullest potential, in both the study and practice of yoga and Self.




Prerequisites & Certification:


This training is open to yoga teachers who have completed any 200-hour yoga teacher training and who wish to build on their current knowledge, practical experience and confidence. Regular practitioners of Yoga who wish to deepen their practice and knowledge are also welcome. However only teachers with a minimum of 200hr Teacher Training are qualified to teach publicly.

This course is certified with Yoga Alliance International and meets the YACEP® Course criteria with 50 contact hours towards Continuing Education (CE) Requirements (CEC). Every three years, Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®s) must complete 30 hours of Continuing Education training, 10 of which need to be Contact Hours in the presence of a qualified Continuing Education Provider.


Other health and fitness professionals may be eligible to apply for Continuing Education accreditation through their Registered Association.


Program Outline:

On completion of the course students will understand the importance of having confidence to teach yoga, and learn:

  • How to open the minds of your students, speak to their hearts, and raise their conscious awareness

  • How to change the dynamics and energy of a class, using intuitive and practical elements

  • How to be authentically confident and powerful as a teacher, through ritual and service


At the end of training, participants will have learned skills to:

  • Student teachers will be able to weave yoga philosophy and theming into your classes.

  • Draft an action plan to teach yoga regularly in their local towns

  • Skillfully adjust through verbal cues most common asanas in front of yogis with varying experience.

  • Confidently design a sequence for a targeted purpose.

  • Use language appropriate for the desired effect.

  • How to manage your self-care, energy and Responsibility as a yoga teacher.


 Request a Course Syllabus below for a more detailed review of the course outline and modules covered.


"We cannot teach people anything; 
we can only help them discover
it within themselves"

                                  - Galileo



$799 Full Price


Course fees include a printed student manual and graduation certificate. However, students are required to purchase their own text books before course commencement. Required reading list is found on Course Syllabus.




Bookings & Payments:


Payments and Bookings can be made via: 


EFTPOS - In person  with Donald Shakes .


Deposit of $99 is non-refundable.

Full payment must be received before course commences.




Limited spots!


Our Teacher Training is an authentic offering of our unique and talented instructors. To keep the course as personal as possible, spots are extremely limited. We offer this teacher training to maximum of 12 people. Secure your place by making a deposit or full payment below.

For enquiries or to request a Course Syllabus, contact us now.

Secure your place today by booking here.

Course Description
Course Details
Investment & Booking

All workshops and teacher training courses are registered with YOGA ALLIANCE.ORG having met their criteria for educational standards.
All YACEP courses are accredited toward Continuing Education points.

Certification is Internationally recognised.

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